Do high schoolers need to talk to teachers/counselors more than any other grade?

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Below there is a chart showing you the age of children and if they need to talk to tha teacher or counsler. By the results of the chart it wasily shows that the older high school kids, most definetly need a teacher or counsler more than younger children.

The question is that do wuonger non high school children to to talk to a teacher or scounsler more than older high school kids. A the reality is that the older kids most definetly need them more. Young children may still talk to them but not for as profound reasons, and likely it because they approached them. Highschoolers have reasons such as lonliness,depression and being bullied and they need help. Also, more people than you think speak up. Out of a survey of 1800 18 year olds over 600, about a third, needed to talk to a teacher or counsler. Concluding that high schoolers need counsler much more than anyone else.

graph 1